The Monocle

This 24' tiny home is 240 sq. ft. and was built 10 feet wide to accommodate a bed on the main level. The white ship lap mixed with warm tones and rustic touches makes this a truly inviting space.


this 650 sq ft contemporary/rustic home is a permanent foundation home that was designed to entertain guests with its spacious layout and energy efficient features.

The Rook

industrial and modern - full of custom details. 22 ft home with cantilevered loft and bump out window seat.

The Mayflower

maximizing space and combining both a beautiful kitchen and a functional workspace into an elegant 30' home with 2 lofted bedrooms.

The Triton

unique and budget friendly tiny home, complete with private office and walk in closet. 

THE Chimera 

modern/rustic/industrial home that started with a client picking one of our standard floor plans and then customizing it to fit their needs.

The phoenix 

charred exterior with modern rustic interior finishes and detail.

The Airstream

a retro modern adventuring home.


 a gooseneck based tiny home with a rustic and bohemian vibe, designed with a 6'6 man in mind.


Wind River Bungalow

our first tiny home designed and built by Travis in all it's rustic glory.