Nomad's Nest Plans

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Nomad's Nest Plans

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Our Nomad's Nest is a great option for people who do not want a loft. The home is built on a 30 ft gooseneck trailer, which can be a safer option than a traditional bumper pull. This home was featured on an episode of Tiny House Nation. 

For all our plans, we offer 4 levels to purchase. Once purchased, you will be emailed a PDF document within 24 hours. These plans are not meant as a step by step tutorial on how to build, but as a guide for someone who already has basic building principles.

  • 25 picture snapshots of the digitalized plans - both interior and exterior
  • SketchUp File - which allows you to navigate through the home to see it at any level/angle
  • Plans - a PDF of the plans to have the home built from
  • SketchUp File and Plans - great option if you want a more hands on version of the plans to help visualize what the home will look like (as well as the actual plans)