Wind River Bungalow Plans

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Wind River Bungalow Plans

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Our Wind River Bungalow was our first home designed and built by Travis. After living in it, he decided to edit the plans and remove the porch, allowing for there to be a roomy bench seat along the entire end of the home. These plans are the edited version of his home.

For all our plans, we offer 3 levels to purchase:

  1. SketchUp File - for those with SketchUp experience who want to tweak and design.
    • This includes only the editable SketchUp file of the house. You will need SketchUp on your computer to open it and some expertise with the software to get the most out of it.
    • No recommended for building purposes.
  2. Digital Plans - for those that wish to build this tiny house as shown.
    • This is a digital set up builders blueprints in PDF form.
    • Included: A detailed floor plan, framing schedule, window and door schedule, elevations of all four sides of the house, and several cutaway views of the digital model of the tiny house. Note: Electrical or plumbing plans are NOT included.
  3. SketchUp File and Plans - for those who want to build this tiny house, but also want to tweak the design in SketchUp.
    • This includes everything from both of the above levels.

*Once purchased, you will be emailed a PDF document or sketch-up file within 48 hours