Wind River Bungalow Plans

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Wind River Bungalow Plans

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Our Wind River Bungalow was our first home designed and built by Travis. After living in it, he decided to edit the plans and remove the porch, allowing for there to be a roomy bench seat along the entire end of the home. These plans are the edited version of his home. 

For all our plans, we offer 4 levels to purchase. Once purchased, you will be emailed a PDF document within 24 hours. These plans are not meant as a step by step tutorial on how to build, but as a guide for someone who already has basic building principles.

  • 25 picture snapshots of the digitalized plans - both interior and exterior
  • SketchUp File - which allows you to navigate through the home to see it at any level/angle
  • Plans - a PDF of the plans to have the home built from
  • SketchUp File and Plans - great option if you want a more hands on version of the plans to help visualize what the home will look like (as well as the actual plans)