Travis & Brittany Pyke

I have been building things and working with my hands ever since I can remember.  From building with Lego’s as a kid, helping build our family’s cabin while in grade school, to working alongside other contractors throughout high school and college building numerous homes.  I can trace it all back to working out in the garage with my grandfather.  Working alongside a true carpenter, he taught me all the tricks of the trade and helped me gain an appreciation for details, aesthetics, and creative design which has carried on through my work to this day.  That appreciation eventually led me to the world of tiny houses and the concept of simple living. 

Ever since building the Wind River Bungalow in 2013 for my wife and myself, I’ve had a passion for tiny homes and the freedoms they can bring those who inhabit them.  Brittany and I have really enjoyed sharing our "tiny living' experience with others and encouraging those who are thinking of taking the tiny plunge!  I've never been more excited to go to work every morning knowing that I am helping create a special space for someone to call home.



I get excited about creating businesses that make people's lives better. Figuring out better ways of living, doing, and being is always on my mind; this led me to the concept of tiny housing. I have also been working with my hands and building since I was old enough to hold a hammer. Wind River has been a perfect combination of my passions and skills and working on building a business I believe in is amazing.

I'm the guy who figures out the best systems and materials to use on the builds and then installs, assembles or implements them. I'm a little bit of a nerd when it comes to researching the best solutions to meet the needs of each tiny home-owner.

My wife, Lindsay, and I are tiny home owners ourselves. We live in a 276 sq. ft. gooseneck tiny home called the Nomad's Nest that was built by Wind River on an episode of Tiny House Nation. We're loving it. Oh and I'm 6'6" and 225 lbs. You'd be surprised how big a well designed tiny house feels.



I have worked in construction for over 15 years and am a certified welder. I picked up many of my construction skills growing up in Zambia, Africa. In the "Bush" you often have to get very creative when you are building because you can't drive down to the hardware store and pick up exactly what you need. These skills have translated extremely well into tiny home construction because it takes creativity to make the most of a small space.

If something needs to be fabricated or customized to work in your tiny home, I can most likely figure out how to do it. I also manage the build process at Wind River and will be there from start to finish to make sure that everything is done right.

My wife Kelly and I have always been believers of living simply and sustainably and these are values we are teaching to our two daughters. To me there is no better feeling than working with my hands and building something beautiful, useful, and high-quality.



I have always been someone who values hard work and high standards, and a lot of that I attribute to my dad. Growing up, I was always outside and pretty involved in helping him build our home. I love the smell of a construction site. As I got older, I understood what it means to call a place your home and how special that can be. I always thought I'd have a big home, and be able to entertain all the time, but that comes with a pretty hefty price tag. 

After marrying my husband, Elliot, all of that fell to the wayside and we've begun our minimalistic journey downsizing possessions in order to truly live. It has been so awesome to see even our own mindsets shift and be able to live more freely. I am now at a place in life where I see the value of who I am, and the strengths I bring to a team. Some have called me an administrative monster, but I like to think I'm just really good at making other people's dreams a reality, and making stuff happen. I truly care for people and want to help them have a place where they can call home.