How to Live Legal in a Tiny Home

Wind River Tiny Homes

Tiny home builders are fielding an increasing number of inquiries from those dreaming of going tiny or investing in a tiny home as an ADU for an extra revenue source. The Institute of Justice has some great high level information on what you should know about zoning regulations and types of tiny structures. Check out their post on how to live legal in a tiny home! (Image: Giordano Poloni)

Wind River Dweller Interview – Living Tiny with a Family of Five

Dweller Interview- Stolls

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live as a family with small children in a tiny home? We recently did an interview with Wind River tiny home owners Cassidy and Dawson that sheds light on living with not one, but three small children inside a 24’ tiny home. They also talk […]

How Much Space in Your Home is Wasted?

Tiny Home Neighborhood Rental Community

The average size of houses in the US has steadily increased over the past several decades—more than 1,000 square feet since the 1970s (a 60% increase). At the same time as our houses have gotten larger, the average American family has gotten smaller—from 3.01 persons per household to 2.54. This means more space for fewer […]