Per-Square-Foot Price of Homes Reaches New Heights

If you think home price increases have kept up with income growth, think again. We’re all painfully aware by now that home prices are at all-time highs. Now, a new report breaks the reality further down to square footage, and the squeamish may want to turn to avert their gaze.

Wind River Dweller Interview – Laura’s Tiny Home Journey

In this interview, Laura talks about everything from financing, site work, storage, utility set up, and what it’s like to live with large pets in a tiny home. She gives honest opinions on the reality of living tiny, and shares her own personal experience.

There’s Exactly One Good Reason to Buy a House

Owning a home won’t make you happy. Filling it with love will. Choosing whether and where to buy a home is nerve-racking even if your only concern is your wallet. But the decision is also, in no small part, an emotional one.

New Workforce Housing Available for Lease in Atlanta, GA

Welcome to the Finley St Cottages! A car lite community where preservation meets progress in a distinctive collection of homes for everyone. Inspired by the historical footprint of two 1920’s Craftsman Bungalows that have been lovingly reimagined, this incredible collection of 1, 2, & 3 bedroom homes effortlessly merges neighborly charm with modern amenities.

46 micro-homes planned for Eastdale in Chattanooga

Right in our backyard, Chattanooga planners have approved a proposal for 46 single-family detached micro-homes in Eastdale as a developer said he’s trying to bring more affordable housing to the city.