We are always looking for ways to help owners better feed and water their tiny home. One important tiny home care consideration is humidity. It's a balancing act. If the air in your house is too dry it can give you a sore throat and irritated dry skin. If humidity is too high it can lead to mold growth, attract pests, and there's that musty smell. In a tiny house humidity tends to be on the high side. 

Humidity levels rise with showers, dish washing, boiling water on the stove top, washing the floors and . . . breathing. People generate about 1.25 liters per day per person, making the tiny home dweller one of the biggest contributors to humidity.

Of course, there are things you can do during tiny home construction to help with humidity, like installing high r-value insulation or considering an Energy Recovery Ventilation system. But if you are already living tiny, here's what you can do to help create humidity equilibrium in your tiny home:

  • Take shorter showers and run the bathroom exhaust fan longer

  • Run your air conditioner in all seasons. In the summer the AC can help take moisture from the air. In the winter it can keep rooms and surfaces at even temperatures and avoid condensation

  • Add an area rug to your living space

  • Use a dehumidifier

Using a dehumidifier is a proactive way to manage humidity and breath at ease in your tiny home. California based tech company, Tenergy, has developed a dehumidifier that works well in tiny spaces. The Sorbi dehumidifier has a removable 1 liter tank and auto shutoff. Under 13" tall and 8.5" wide it can fit in tiny spaces. It can also remove particles from the air and comes with a replaceable HEPA filter, which easily slides in out of a hidden compartment with a well designed magnetic hidden hatch. It's quiet at both the high and low settings and has convenient touch-button functions. The Sorbi dehumidifier is currently on sale on amazon.

Sorbi Dehumidifier 14.jpg

Sorbi Dehumidifier

1000ml capacity with air purifying function, HEPA filter, auto shutoff, touch control, and adjustable air speed