Customizing a tiny house can seem daunting. In this post we provide a spec sheet for a 24 foot tiny home, the Acadia, plus a list of possible upgrades with prices if you want to customize. The Acadia was inspired by the original Wind River Tiny Home - the Wind River Bungalow. We hope this flyer is informative and that the possibilities spark your imagination. Download a copy of the Acadia spec sheet by clicking the button below:

The spec sheet includes a detailed list of the components and features of the Acadia tiny house. The base model price is competitive for joining the ranks of tiny home owners. All Wind River tiny homes come with our signature natural wood finishes and homey interiors.  Take a closer look.


We want to build tiny homes that fit the individual needs and dreams of the tiny house dweller. Customization is always an option with us. Scroll down the Acadia spec sheet and you'll find a list of upgrades and pricing. The list is not comprehensive. If you don't see the upgrade you are looking for, get in touch with us for a custom quote.


Whether you are someone thinking about starting the tiny house journey or a developer hoping to make tiny living more accessible, this list of specs and upgrades is a good place to get started. When you are ready, fill out the "Build with us" form on our contact page.