In Maine the Penobscot River flows north-south and originates from Mount Katahdin. For the ancient Penobscot tribe that lived in the historic territories of Maine, Mount Katahdin was sacred and life-giving. The Penobscot people would migrate along the Penobscot River depending on the season, relocating to the ocean for seafood in the winter and moving inland to hunt deer and bear in the warmer months. 

The Penobscot tiny house is named after the Penobscot River and the Native America tribe that lived along the river valley.

The Penobscot is fashioned after the coastal cottages of Maine. The Penobscot is simple but showcases Wind River's ability to add quality and style with our touchstone finishes and trim. 

Design features and styles

  • Post and beam 2' front porch
  • Cedar shake exterior accents
  • Tongue and groove interior walls
  • Natural pine ceiling
  • Natural red oak flooring


  • Flush mounted LED lighting
  • Mason jar wall sconces
  • Butcher block fold-away table
  • Shaker style cabinets
  • Opal glass ceiling fan

Wind River Tiny Homes can build a Penobscot that is all your own and with your own personal touch. Prices for the Penobscot model start at $55,000. Customization is always an option at Wind River Tiny Homes.