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Gratitude and Tiny Living

This week we reflect nationwide on the goodness in our lives. We set aside differences, gather around a table with those we love, and share a home-cooked meal with gratefulness as the centerpiece.

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How Tiny Living Can Help Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

We often focus on the small steps to becoming more eco friendly like reducing, reusing, and recycling. These are great habits to implement in daily life, but how can we make a difference through other, bigger, decisions. Buying a house, choosing a car, and deciding where to live have a huge impact on the environment.

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Tiny Timbers Agrihood Community Opens in St. Croix Falls, WI

There’s a new tiny home community opening in 2023 with an amazing story and mission. Tiny Timbers Agrihood is a planned community that incorporates agriculture into a residential neighborhood. Each of the 16 spaces at Tiny Timbers includes space in the communal gardens and access to an orchard and food forest, composting, root cellar, bee yard, greenhouse, crop farming, raised garden beds, chicken coop, and more!

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