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Innovation in Housing – Community First! Village in Austin, Texas

At Wind River, we’re building a simpler, freer way of life. One that removes the clutter to make room for the things that really matter. Our mission is to create an attainable housing alternative of the highest quality design and craftsmanship, with a spirit of integrity, innovation, and stewardship.

We want to take a moment to highlight some incredible work that’s being done by Mobile Loaves & Fishes in Austin, TX. Their Community First! Village is a transformative residential program serving the community of people coming out of chronic homelessness by providing affordable housing solutions and ample community amenities. What began as a food truck initiative grew into the unprecedented undertaking of this innovative village that now spans 51 acres with over 500 homes.


Community First Village, Phase 1
Community First! Village, Phase I
Community First Village, Phase 2
Community First! Village, Phase II

Work like this benefits all those dreaming of a tiny lifestyle and attainable home ownership. Important precedents are made when permitting is approved for communities such as this one. Community First! is comprised of both RVs (THOW) and tiny homes on foundations. These two kinds of structures are viewed differently by planning commissions, so having a community with both means broader acceptance of tiny homes in general and increased awareness of the voids these homes can fill. This is an important time in our nation for us to think differently about the future of housing in America and the ever-changing structure of the American family. Over 50% of households are comprised of just 1–2 persons, and very few alternatives to single family homes are being constructed. In addition to the incredible aid Community First! offers to those experiencing homelessness, developments like this pave the way for all individuals who are looking to downsize but are faced with limited options. Ordinances put in place well before the birth of the tiny home movement have restricted the rise of the movement. We applaud Mobile Loaves & Fishes for the amazing work they’re doing and for helping pave the way toward wider acceptance of tiny homes and community implementation across the country.

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Our Minimalist model was born out of our belief in the need for more attainable housing that doesn’t sacrifice quality. For more information on our smallest, most economical design, get in touch below.

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6 models, 100's of configurations. Your perfect tiny home awaits.

6 models, 100's of configurations. Your perfect tiny home awaits.