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Arizona Tiny Home Zoning

From Phoenix to the Grand Canyon, tiny living is a great option all across Arizona. The state is sprawling with natural wonders, drawing thrill seekers and nature lovers alike. Valleys, canyons, caves, rivers and more, there’s plenty to be seen in the Copper State. Arizona is very welcoming to an adventurous lifestyle, and Wind River builds homes to match. Unlike other areas of the United States where there are heavy restrictions on tiny homes, Arizona allows them to sit on a number of different zone types. 

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Arizona Tiny Home Building Considerations

First, you will need to think about what building considerations you may need when building a Arizona tiny home. Arizona summers can be hot and humid year-round. So, you’ll want to be sure your tiny home has effective climate control and insulation. 

At Wind River, we use 2×4 framing and spray foam insulation. Spray foam has by far the highest R-value available for the tiny home application, and wooden construction allows less air infiltration than steel framing when the temperature rises. Additionally, we use LP SmartSide for a low-maintenance and durable siding that won’t warp or change with fluctuating temperatures and can be painted in any custom color. 

Also, you’ll want to explore good HVAC systems and other options for dehumidifying your home especially during the humid summer months.

Wind River Tiny Homes is located in Tennessee, but since we ship our homes all across the country, we build with different conditions in mind. What should you look for in a tiny home bound for Arizona? Of course the Arizona heat can be sweltering, but that’s no worry, we’ve taken this into consideration. Our tiny homes have effective climate control and equally effective insulation.

Additionally, there are endless skirting and decking options that can not only add curb appeal for your home.  All of this works together to keep the hot out and the cold in, making your Arizona tiny home a relaxing place to call home. 

Furthermore, investing in solar power for Arizona tiny homes is also another great option for an eco-friendly lifestyle. We recommend a ground mounted array for a semi-permanent tiny home setup. Additionally, housing the heavy batteries in a separate outbuilding will allow you to maximize your tiny home’s precious square footage while living an off-grid, and eco-friendly lifestyle if you choose.

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