Florida Tiny Homes

There are lots of theories out there about why coastal houses are painted bold bright colors. The most obvious explanation is that ships out at sea can more easily identify and orient themselves to the coastline. Another plausible explanation is that the wooden exterior of the houses was painted with the same bright colors as the hulls of ships from the ship building yard. Whatever your take on it, living in Florida is a great opportunity to make a bold statement with your tiny home. Whether you live around Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando or anywhere else, Florida is perfect for tiny living.

If you need some guidance, Wind River Tiny Homes’ design team can help with your overall exterior color scheme and look-and-feel. You can also check out Sherwin Williams Southern Shores and Beaches color palette for inspiration.

Another key design element for your Florida tiny home is the deck. Wind River can assist with your overall site plan and even create a set of deck construction documents with our architect for your contractor to build on-site. We recommend a combination of sunning space as well as a covered area for hotter Florida days. The covered portion of your deck can also be screened if you live in an area with gnats and mosquitos. And an outdoor storage box to stash beach toys and other gear that might get sandy is also a good idea for Florida living.
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Planning to have Wind River help design your deck? Let us also install an outdoor shower on your tiny home! Our signature outdoor shower design, with copper piping and a hot-cold hose bib, is an example of how beauty can sync seamlessly with functionality—and it’s a perfect addition to your Florida tiny home.

Lastly, humidity in a tiny home is an important factor during the hotter months. At Wind River, we’ve already thought about systems design in your tiny home so you don’t have to. Ask us about our HVAC systems and other options for dehumidifying your home.

Interested in knowing more about our tiny homes? Check out our models below!

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