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From the Mississippi river, and across the gorgeous rolling hills, tiny living is an attractive option all over Illinois. With the natural beauty and wide open skies of the Prairie State it’s no wonder people love to set up their tiny homes here. The State of Illinois is very friendly to tiny living. The state allows tiny houses on wheels to be parked in campgrounds, in mobile home parks, and on private properties. 

Below are some great resources to get you started on your Illinois tiny home journey. 

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Illinois Tiny Homes Building Considerations

An important investment for your Illinois tiny home is good insulation to keep your home comfortable. We use spray foam insulation and 2×4 framing. Spray foam has by far the highest R-value available for the tiny home application, and wooden construction allows less air infiltration than steel framing when the temperature rises.

Additionally, we use LP SmartSide for a low-maintenance and durable siding that won’t warp or change with fluctuating temperatures (and which can be painted any custom color you like). 

Another consideration for the hotter months is humidity—an important factor for an Idaho tiny home. You’ll want a reliable and efficient HVAC system in your home. You may want to explore other options for dehumidifying your tiny home as well. This will work in tandem with your insulation and framing to keep the hot out and the cool in.

Illinois Weather Considerations

Furthermore, Illinois can be prone to severe snowy weather. You may want to consider the safety options for your tiny home. There are industry practices to keep tiny home dwellings safe and secure. Read this blog post on Setting Up Your Tiny Home – Blocking, Anchoring, and Skirting.  As well as this blog post on Crisis Preparation for Tiny Living to get you started.

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