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Iowa Tiny Home Zoning

From the Mississippi river and across the gorgeous rolling hills, tiny living is an attractive option all over Iowa. With the natural beauty and wide open skies of the Hawkeye State it’s no wonder people love to set up their tiny homes here. If you want to live in an off-grid tiny home in Iowa, you may find it is illegal. Some counties are changing their rules to allow tiny homes, but the change is slow in coming across the state.

Below are some great resources to get you on your way to tiny house living in Florida.

Iowa Tiny Home Communities

Iowa Tiny Home Building Considerations

A consideration for the hotter months is humidity—an important factor for a Iowa tiny home. You’ll want a reliable and efficient HVAC system in your home, and may want to explore other options for dehumidifying your tiny home as well. This will work in tandem with your insulation and framing to keep the hot out and cold in.

If you’re opting for an off-grid lifestyle, investing in solar power is also a good idea. If the set-up of your North Carolina tiny home is permanent or semi-permanent, we recommend a ground mounted solar array. And housing the heavy batteries in a separate outbuilding will allow you to make the most of your tiny home’s precious square footage.

Another key design element for Iowa tiny homes is an exterior deck. We recommend a combination of sunning space as well as a covered area for hotter Iowa days. The covered portion of your deck can also be screened if you live in an area with gnats and mosquitos. Your builder should be able to assist with your overall site plan, and may even be able to create a set of deck construction documents to be used for building your deck on-site.

Furthermore, Iowa can be prone to severe weather. You may want to consider the safety options for your tiny home. There are industry practices to keep tiny home dwellings safe and secure. Read this blog post on Setting Up Your Tiny Home – Blocking, Anchoring, and Skirting. As well as this blog post on Crisis Preparation for Tiny Living to get you started.

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