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Missouri Tiny Homes


Missouri Tiny Home Zoning

With the beautiful rolling hills and wide open skies of the Show-Me State it’s no wonder people love to set up their tiny homes here. From the cities to the plains, tiny living is a great option all across Missouri. Missouri’s laws vary by region, but most parts of the state allow tiny homes—and many places also allow tiny homes on wheels. However, local bylaws can vary wildly.

Below are some great resources to get you started and on your way to tiny house living in Missouri.

Missouri Tiny Home Communities

Missouri Tiny Home Building Considerations

Missouri has a fairly varied climate with cold winters and hot summers. We understand the midwestern weather can be quite unpredictable so we build our tiny homes to handle any climate to provide you with maximum comfort. Our tiny homes have effective climate control with the insulation to back it up.

You’ll also want to explore good HVAC systems and other options for dehumidifying your Missouri tiny home during the hotter months. These will work in tandem to keep the hot out and cold in.

We recommend giving thought to the placement of your tiny home on your site as well. Consider landscaping that will increase the comfort of your home as well as its curb appeal. For example, placing your tiny home in a shaded area or planting trees and shrubbery can give you free added heat protection during the summer months.

Another key design element for your Missouri tiny home is a deck. We recommend a combination of sunning space and covered area for hotter days. The covered portion of your deck can also be screened to keep out the critters. Your builder should be able to assist with your overall site plan, and may even be able to create a set of deck construction documents to be used for building your deck on-site.

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