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Tiny homes are a strategic investment for home developments and vacation rental properties. And they offer a unique opportunity to reimagine these spaces. At Wind River, we believe in building tiny homes that are beautiful, functional, and built to last. We make your vision a reality—from concept and design, to engineering and craftsmanship. And, we’ll be with you every step of the way, from the first conversation to the final nail.

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There’s a growing demand for simplicity and freedom. A new way of living and alternative housing solutions that better fit our wants and needs. We believe tiny homes are an ideal solution for investors and developers to answer that call.

tiny home

It’s time to reimagine and redefine how we think about housing. Tiny homes offer dwellers an affordable, high-quality alternative to traditional housing.

tiny home communities

Investing in tiny home communities allows for higher density and low-maintenance developments. If you’re ready to think big and go tiny, Wind River has the experience and resources to help.
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tiny home

Vacation dwellers are increasingly seeking a unique getaway experience. Because of this, tiny space rentals are thriving.

tiny home rentals

Now is the time to invest in tiny home rentals that offer both simplicity and luxury. Wind River can help you create a branded tiny home design that will stand out and stay booked.
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Unique tiny spaces can put your brand ahead of the competition. Why not offer your clients a custom and superior sales experience?

commercial spaces

Mobilize your brand with Wind River’s commercial tiny spaces on wheels. Through our collaborative design process, we can create a branded unit to showcase your company’s image and offerings.
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We believe a team is stronger than an individual. We're always open to creative brand collaborations that align with our vision and values.

brand collaborations

Interested in a co-branded partnership or project? Reach out by phone, email, social media, or website—anytime.
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Investors and Developers - Tiny Home Rentals - WRTH
Investors and Developers - Tiny Home Rentals - WRTH
Investors and Developers - Tiny Home Community - WRTH
Investors and Developers - Tiny Home Rentals - WRTH



tiny homes by the numbers


Wind River tiny homes designed and built to-date.

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of first-time home buyers that would consider a tiny home.

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increase in "cabin" style rental interest for vacation travelers.

0 Billion

is the projected growth of the tiny home industry in the next five years.

wind river advantage

Wind River has been a part of the tiny home movement from the beginning.

Since our start in 2013, we have grown substantially. In 2020, we partnered with a stakeholder that has invested in our continued growth. Through collaboration with strategic partners, we have reimagined our brand and increased our capacity.

tiny homes,
big returns

With Wind River, investors and developers can build well-constructed tiny homes that yield reliable revenue streams.

We have doubled our production at Wind River, and plan to do so multiple times in the coming years. We now insource processes such as cabinetry, painting, and spray foam, and have increased our inventory capacity and expanded our skilled labor. These efficiencies allow greater control of our build processes—from design to quality control to capacity.

As a trusted and established leader in the tiny home industry, we have the experience and resources to come alongside investors and developers. It’s our priority to create ideal solutions for your home development or vacation rental needs, including budget, unique design, and build timeline.

collaborative design

quality craftsmanship

systems performance

resources and capacity

Whether you’re thinking about investing in tiny living or ready to get started, drop us a line. We’re here to help.