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Wind River is passionate about quality design, great craftsmanship, and creating tiny homes and communities that live well, every day. With more than 30 years of home design and construction experience, we’re committed to working with your team to design and build homes for your tiny home community that look and feel unique.

Tiny Home Community

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Going tiny is the new going big. Now is the time to join the trend and invest in a tiny home community.

According to 2021 data*, the tiny home industry is expected to grow by over $3.3 billion in the next five years. The current housing landscape in North America is suited for when most households consisted of families of 4–5 (or more). But times are changing.

The average number of people per household has dropped for 50+ years.
Less is more, and tiny is the answer.

Recent census data shows that over half of America now lives alone or as couples, and a third of adults ages 18–34 live with their parents—mostly due to unaffordable housing options. Despite these trends towards downsized living, the residential construction industry focuses on larger homes, leaving a small supply of 1–2 bedroom homes in a market that is poised for smaller and more affordable options.

* a study by TechNavio
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Our Wind River homes are handcrafted at our production facility from start to finish with high-quality materials and finishes. Pre-fabrication and in-house processes allow for efficiency in cost and construction, and the streamlining of design and quality-control. Our homes are built to last. And because we care about our mutual success, we come alongside our clients every step of the way.

We’d love to hear about your tiny home community project and how Wind River can partner with your team.