Peace Village includes five unique floor plans to support a variety of small households. The compact homes are extremely energy-efficient, and are designed to use around 50% of the amount of energy as a similar sized home built to minimum code standards.

Learn how camping has evolved over the years and what the next-generation camper is looking for in campgrounds and other accommodations today.

Homelessness is a consistent problem the City of Chattanooga has been trying to deal with. And a new pilot program is trying to help aid the situation while they work on a more permanent solution. The City of Chattanooga announced Friday that they've launched a new pilot program utilizing 3D-printed, single-unit structures as temporary shelters for people experiencing homelessness.

Curious about the cost-effectiveness of tiny homes? This article breaks down the financial advantages of downsizing and explains why it's a smart move for your wallet.

There are several things to consider when choosing the width of your tiny house trailer. Many people instantly think that they want the widest trailer possible to get the most room out of their house. But if you don’t think this decision through, you may end up with something you really don’t want. Wind River is a licensed trailer manufacturer, designing and overengineering the best foundations a tiny home can have.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that about 33,100 veterans were homeless as of January 2022. To address the persistent problem of veteran homelessness, a bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced a bill with grants that would facilitate the construction of LEED-certified tiny homes.

6 models, 100's of configurations. Your perfect tiny home awaits.

6 models, 100's of configurations. Your perfect tiny home awaits.