Need to find a comfortable, private workspace while working remotely? Our tiny office on wheels is the perfect solution! Get ready to enhance your work-life balance and experience the convenience of a mobile office setup.

Beyond Shelter is a new urban typology in Los Angeles that may hold answers for the city’s homelessness crisis.

Meet the company building luxury tiny homes in Eastern Tennessee. Could you live in a tiny home? More and more people are saying 'yes' to downsizing, and this Chattanooga team is here to help.

In this Q&A with the Chief Design Officer of Wind River Tiny Homes we discover why, for some, tiny-home living aligns with a healthy lifestyle.

In this interview, Adrianne talks about everything from inspiration, design, tiny home communities, finding land, site work, and what it’s like to work from home in a tiny house. She speaks realistically about the compromises of living tiny and gives advice for others considering the lifestyle for themselves.

The former Airport Inn could potentially turn into permanent supportive housing. Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly recently brought forth a plan to the City Council to turn the abandoned Airport Inn into 70+ new units of permanent supportive housing complete with wraparound services.p>

6 models, 100's of configurations. Your perfect tiny home awaits.

6 models, 100's of configurations. Your perfect tiny home awaits.