Building high-quality, custom tiny houses is the core of what we do. We don’t mass-produce and each tiny house is tailored to the homeowner, so the number of builds we can do per year is somewhat limited. Our style of building is collaborative, creative, and custom. We spend time talking to the homeowner and really getting to know their styles, tastes, and needs before we put pen to paper and begin designing. 

Because our design and build process is highly collaborative and flexible, we have the ability incorporate great ideas as we build. Our home building style is more like creating a unique piece of art than assembling a desk from Ikea (nothing against Ikea). We intentionally keep an open mind as we build because in a tiny home everything has to be laid out in a way that works. Often what looks good on a piece of paper or digitized plan just doesn’t work when you are standing in the space. Because we specialize in creative construction, we can often turn these types of potential obstacles into amazing features in your tiny home.

Our focus is on building you the highest quality structure we can, period. Because this is our goal, we are not the “cheapest” builders out there. We have seen far too many builders cut corners and sacrifice quality to try and reach a certain “number”.  That is simply not how we want to operate. We always charge a fair price and we want you to feel like you got a GREAT value for the level of craftsmanship and customization we provided. 

We also design and build tiny house communities. These communities have the same feel our houses do, which is high quality and custom tailored to the people who call them home. We think tiny houses can fill many different housing niches, including affordable and attractive pocket neighborhoods in urban areas, homesteading in rural areas, manageable and affordable getaways, options for combating homelessness, refugee camps, bed and breakfasts, and many more. A tiny house can be used for pretty much anything a “normal” house is used for and a mobile foundation tiny house opens up even more options. 

Advocating for the Tiny House Movement is close to our hearts. We originally started Wind River out of a desire to live in tiny homes ourselves.  We believe that everyone should have a place to call home.  If a person wants to call a beautifully crafted 250 square foot structure “home,” they should be able to get financing for it, have a place to put it legally, and insure it. The tiny house movement isn’t just a fad or passing trend, we see it as a growing shift in values. It’s a refreshing current of right-sized sanity, growing in the heart of a country where bigger is considered better. We will continue advocating for the Tiny House Movement and increasing ease-of-access for tiny home ownership. These activities are the growing edge of Wind River Tiny Homes and we are excited for the future of tiny.

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