Wind River Interview – Erica S. Ewing on Minimum Square Footage Requirements

Ewing Interview

With the tiny home movement on the rise, the legal barriers to tiny living are making their way into headlines. In response to the current housing shortage in America, many cities are making room for housing alternatives, but many cities have implemented minimum square footage requirements that make smaller housing alternatives impossible.

Wind River Dweller Interview – Living Tiny with a Family of Five

Dweller Interview- Stolls

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live as a family with small children in a tiny home? We recently did an interview with Wind River tiny home owners Cassidy and Dawson that sheds light on living with not one, but three small children inside a 24’ tiny home. They also talk […]

Wind River Dweller Interview – Living Tiny in Rural Virginia

Wind River Dweller Interview- Johnston, Virginia

We interview a previous client and tiny home dweller about the challenges, frustrations, and triumphs of their tiny home journey. She offers important insight into zoning and permitting, electric, and water, as well as other general advice about going tiny.