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News Repost - Age in Place

Community and family are key components to our overall happiness. Yet, one of the fallouts of the housing recession is that aging in place has become more difficult, with few options to downsize within one’s community. This forces people to move farther away from families and friends, contributing to feelings of loneliness and isolation. We can do better for ourselves and our families by advocating for a New Urbanist approach to city growth, adopting ADU-friendly ordinances, and supporting the development of walkable neighborhoods.

The Unexpected Satisfaction of Leaving Behind the American Dream


The tiny home movement is championed by people rewriting what it means to live the American Dream. But people have also found other solutions to alternative housing, exploring multi-family arrangements in areas where the middle class is being squeezed out of home ownership. Learn how one Oakland family found an unexpected fondness for the community-minded ethos of co-living.

Where are Tiny Homes Legal?

The tiny homes movement has grown significantly in the last decade, but tiny homes are still not legal everywhere. Learn more about where tiny homes are and are not legal.