Tiny Timbers Agrihood Community Opens in St. Croix Falls, WI

There’s a new tiny home community opening in 2023 with an amazing story and mission. Tiny Timbers Agrihood is a planned community that incorporates agriculture into a residential neighborhood. Each of the 16 spaces at Tiny Timbers includes space in the communal gardens and access to an orchard and food forest, composting, root cellar, bee yard, greenhouse, crop farming, raised garden beds, chicken coop, and more!

Wind River Dweller Interview – Living in Park Model RV Parks

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down virtually with one of our clients that we built for in 2019. In just three years, Stacey has traveled with her 36’ tiny home “The Vista” from Texas to Colorado, and eventually put down some semi-permanent roots in an RV Resort in Utah. While she owns a home in Iowa, she travels out to her tiny home as much as she can. She lives with freedom and autonomy, and in this interview she shares what she’s learned along the way. Her foremost bit of advice for aspiring tiny home dwellers is “Know where you’re going to park your tiny home!”

We’re Wildly Underestimating the Potential of Mobile Housing

Exclusionary zoning practices have shaped the history of America’s cities for decades, and now our leaders struggle to dismantle these barriers. Tim McCormick advocates for legalizing vehicle residency in the Cascadia area and details the progress as well as the remaining challenges mobile dwellers face. We need innovative solutions to affordability. Why not allow people to create their own American Dream with mobile housing?

Choosing a Tiny Home Community

One of the trickiest parts about tiny home living is finding a place to park. You can avoid the hassle by joining an established tiny home community.

Whatever Happened to the Starter Home?

The American household has been shrinking for 50 years and counting, yet we keep building larger and larger. Homes less than 1400 square feet used to make up the vast majority of annual new construction in the post WWII era. That number has dwindled to less than 10% in recent years, and at a time when over half of America lives as 1-2 person households. Why the massive misalignment? This New York Times article tracks the disappearance of small homes and the modern barriers preventing their comeback..