No matter what type of financing you have, Wind River Tiny Homes will work with you to tailor a plan that fits your needs.

  • Personal loans - There are lots of institutions offering personal loans. Some, like LightStream, even market specifically to tiny homes. Many personal loans are directly funded to the applicant and can go towards you tiny house build contract

  • RV Loans - Wind River Tiny Homes partners with Pacific West Tiny Homes, Inc. to offer RV certifications for NFPA 1192 and ANSI 119.5. Every bank or credit union offering RV loans has a different process. Wind River Tiny Homes will work alongside you to get your financial institutions underwriters everything they need to fund your RV loan

  • Friends and family - Got a cash loan from friends and family to fund your tiny house dreams? We can bring those dreams to reality

  • KFG Financial - Finally there is tiny house financing! Tiny house financing is available to qualified individuals through KFG Financial. Interest rates are fixed and terms extended as long as 25 years. 

KFG Financing Process Infographic.jpg

KFG Financial tiny house loan funding is only available through contracts with qualified builders. Wind River Tiny Homes is qualified and registered.

"When making large, one time purchases, borrowers need better terms. They are better served by extended terms for payments that fit any budget." - KFG Financial